Ira Levofsky

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Who writes this stuff anyway?

Ira does.

He is one that believes that even though his message often third person, delivered with a heavy measure of wit, often politically incorrect and occasionally carrying a sense of artistic vulgarity carries an important message.

The message that there are leaders in all walks of life who are not out enduring the heat of day, dodging the torrents of rain nor shivering from the cold while the sun sets on their assigned task. They cannot and often have never had the experience, the adrenaline driven thirst for success with each and every labor that envelopes your being, yet they lead.

Though the modern day term may be Arm Chair Quarterback, the definition holds true throughout time and testament. By right of birth, serendipitous luck or earning the grade then forgetting the roots of the journey which brought them there, many sit upon their high perch directing those who will toil in their names.

Their purpose, stature and often their very existence is based on your effort, your courage and your individual success at everything you do.

This, my new friend, is a fact of life. 

The formidable challenge which I put before you in my written works is the same as I have placed before myself daily in life . To succeed and lead in life itself, by example, deed and word. 

What a reward it is to sleep well in the fact that you have done the right thing, set the right example and completed the task at hand to the best of your ability satisfying your own highest of high expectations every day.

If others shine due to your success or avoid one of life's many pitfalls due to the lessons learned from your experience, then you are truly blessed.

And if you can make them laugh along the way, Bravo!

This is how I live and the true description of one Ira D. Levofsky which I put in place for the purposes of this quick introduction.

And with regard to Adventures of Sparky, allowing ourselves to laugh at our dreams as we would love to live them is one of the few of life's rewards we can get in the privacy of our bathrooms.